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We propose building a mediated glass tower that slowly rises out of the ground.


History is in the ground, just waiting to come up into the light.

A moving building, an elevated building, a transparent glass tower, structured in horizontal layers for a thousand moving projections that constitute a history of Germany backwards, with the year of construction, 2010, at ground level, with the next millenium underground waiting to surface and be discovered, and an ancient history of Germany high up in the air, three thousand years high, to be surmounted in the year 1000 BC by a slice of the ubiquitous Teutonic forests, heavy with bird song.


History is hiding in the ground.

The tower is 4000 years high – the past 3000 years high, the future 1000 years underground -
each year marked off in horizontal glass and light and video projection layers to shine like an architectural rod in the city by night – and glisten in the sun and rain by day - starting in 1000BC at the top of the tower with the roof supporting a “forest” of trees and vegetation ….. the times of the great Teutonic forests stretching across the lands that are now Germany … and the foot “congested” with recent history from the first unification of Germany in 1871 to the second reunification of Germany in 1989.

The significant years of German history  - the red letter years - are marked (horizontally) with bright coloured “opaque” light, maybe even precious metals – with thin layers of gold for 1871 and 1989 – with multiple layers of video projection encapsulating yearly events of German history – the projection imagery to be found from moving and still archival sources, textual or animated, or manufactured especially for this event.


History pushes up from beneath the earth.

The glass tower grows – climbing slowly upwards – a layer for every year - powered by hydraulics deep under the ground. In the year of construction 2010  - therefore one quarter of the glass tower is below ground, visitable by descending steps into a basement, accessible from the existing preserved basement. The layers of the belowground history are of clear glass and every ten years – as the layers emerge above ground level – they are filled with the lights of present history. Inside the tower visitors are taken up to the viewing-platform among the trees at the top,  passing upwards and backwards through history, flying upwards to history.


Do we read history up or down, backwards or forwards?

The visual imagery of this Unification History Tower of Berlin embraces a ziggurat reaching to Heaven, Jacob’s ladder, an inverted Breughel’s tower of Babel, an ultimate beckoning lighthouse of the world, the giddy amazements of the pyramids.

A history tower. This might become the very first of such “history towers” all over Germany, and maybe all over the world, as “history-markers” customized to location, celebrating unification of all mankind. 







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